Drink Bleach; Live Forever

by Inside The Beehive

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We poured our souls into this. Please give this to your friends.


released October 4, 2011

Vocals- Chris Brea
Guitar- Vinnie Clark
Bass-Nick Andriuolo
Drums- Mike Gardner



all rights reserved


Inside The Beehive Rutherford, New Jersey

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Track Name: Headless
The ground crawls, overflowing with layers of impurities
Masterminding the divine elimination
Empty your mind of all thoughts
All is dark inside, inside of me , inside of every fucking soul.
Fire pours from the mouth of death,
let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of life burn,
let your heart be at peace.
Track Name: Mothra: The Biggest Moth Of All
This mixture of wood and fungi has me living only in shapes and colors
ovals of blue and white starring
starring at this half empty glass
This mixture of wood and fungi has me living beyond
unspoken stares are tearing and ripping
speaking silence
result of a constant war
war of thoughts

I have bottomed out and my future doesn't fit into my schedule all booked up on depression
buried into deep
no time ahead
someone please tell my why I feel this way
chemical imbalance?
more so the smell of vomit
when its finally here its never enough
and when its finally gone its never coming back
Track Name: The One-Eyed Clown Car
I just watched an angle disembowel a helpless harp
then relive a patron saints, saints putrid opus
an ode to her glorious derailment
yes these are the images
lets see the world
i'd rather forget
for what its really worth
she sat a smug
rather find myself mangled into gears
rather find myself mangled into gears
smitten like a rat in a fucking trap
like a rat
Track Name: 150 Degrees In The Shade
You are all pathetic overzealous mindless militants
inbred glutants
spineless cowards
fucking multiplying
breeding in the darkened light we call justice
what are you trying to achieve or gain
you are the walking plague
coughing spewing
cockroaches in heat
cascades of burning sewage
Parlor tricks amuse more so animated limbs
sockets spring roses tulips and tomatoes
a garden of eden
among heathenous farmers

wincing convulsing in time
time is convulsing in me
god damn ape

I'd help you bath in the same acidic solution you failed to preach about and
watch you burn untill you are the steaming pile of shit you are on the inside
flavors numb the taste
color blinds the sight.
Track Name: Bio-Feedback
A dragon stood before a women that was ready to bare
ready to devour her child as soon as it was aware
the moon becomes like blood
the seas turn like glass, hail, fire
holding the keys of death
be watch full and strengthen what remains
"tiny incisors : shrapnel runs free"
witch are ready to perish
they will come upon you as a thief
we will not repent
pale, black, white , red
tints wont blind us anymore
rising right out of lies and fear
we will swarm like locust
and take back our plague

slicing through the mouth of the beast past the teeth
choked with white robes
bashed with gold
you are lukewarm
neather cold or hot
we will regurgitate you our of my thoughts
fear me as you mold into the wormwood
yes i say to you fear me

Drink bleach and live forever.
Track Name: Heatstroke
A republic of misery
delivering us nothing but a number
i wish for the day to come
so i can do away with this cancer
everyday is eaten by night
reborn by dawn
the days are getting longer
and i don't think ill find the answer
but every dead is eaten by worms
and once there gone they don't return
falling far from grace
now i see the shadows of our souls
falling far from grace
now i see the shadows of us all

locked into an equation
like a fox being torn between two hounds.